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DOABA GROUP is one of the leading group in steel industry in India, whose products have achieved a vital place .Time defines the story of success of decades.

  Establishing our roots in1970 with the commencement of our rolling mill plant at Mandi Gobindgarh , we traveled a long journey. Extensive expertise, hard labour,cabable organization & no compromise with quality has made our products most wanted in the market.

  In  1978 DOABA STEEL ROLLING MILLS was the first unit in Punjab to introduce CTD BARS which was a big achievement at the time, Later on the unit was converted to fully automatic plant in year 2000 with latest state of art rolling technology.DOABA introduce TMT BARS, also another achicevement . The products are being manufactured according to international standards with EVCON TURBO TMT TECHNOLOGY

  DOABA STEEL ROLLING MILLS has the pride of being authorized conversion agents of SAIL (STELLAUTHORITY OF INDIA LTD.) since 1984 & approved reroller of IISCO(The Indian & steel co. Ltd.)since 1983, (M.A.P), P.W.D, N.B.C.C &  various other govt.department.

  For quality IS-1786 & for working performance ISO : 9001 certification has been awarded to us as well as VINCOTTE certification.

  We opt quality as our partner to produce best of steel  according to international standards.For us our past is  as precious as present .It taught us the lessons to face the trials & challenges & strengthened us for years ahead and also guided us to widen the horizons of our vision to be abreast of future.



DOABA TMT  GOLD SARIA, our prestigious product,is produced using word’s most advance "THERMO MECHNICAL TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY"(TMT) the technology of next generation EVCON TURBO TMT  TECHNOLOGY .DOABA STEEL ROLLING MILLS      
was  the first unit in Punjab to have ISI licensee for TMT. The TMT rebars are produced in the state of art fully automatic rolling mill according to set international standards under the hawk-eye supervision  of well qualified & experienced metallurgists & engineers.
Contary to others claiming to be the TMT, DOABA TMT GOLD SARIA  is the real TMT (Thermo Mechnical Treated) BARS produced through a process with strict quality control.




Existing Process

Rolled-products- TMT Bars/ CTD Bars / Wire Rods (Rolling Mill)

The process involves converting the shape stock, viz. tested ingots, billets to the desired finished section in the hot condition by way of passing the material between a pair of grooved rolls and providing suitable drafts at various stages. The whole operation is conducted at a particular temperature range and within a limited time span. The stages of rolling operation are comprised of heating of feed stock to rolliable temperature, rolling the feeding stock in different mill stands, cropping the hot bar during the process of rolling between mill stands as applicable and subsequently finishing in form of hot rolled deformed bar in straight length. The hot bar coming out of the last pass is then conveyed through TMT line and collecting in a cool bed after shearing. The bars at almost ambient temperature are sheared to commercial length stored and kept ready for dispatch.

The manufacturing process of the rolling mills products can be depicted as follows.


In TMT process hot bars are subjected to quenching by means of an intense cooling installation (cooling installation specially designed spray system). This step hardens the surface layer to martensite while the core structure remains austensite. When the bar is free of water chamber heat flows from core to surface and surface gets tempered to structure called marten site. In the cooling bed due to atmosphere cooling, the hardened zone is tempered by temperature homogenization in the cross section and the austerity core is transferred to ductile-ferrite-pearlite core.

In case of CTD Bars and wire rods the thinner sections of hot bar coming out of the last pass is coiled through a coiler, whereas the thicker sections of CTD bars are collected on a cooling bed. The strength to the CTD bar is given by twisting it on the twisting machines and not by the quenching process as in the case of TMT bars.

Trade Mark       : DOABA TMT GOLD SARIA
Grades             : DOABA TMT GOLD-Fe 415,Fe 500,Fe 550

Diameter          : 8,10,12,16,20.22,25, 28, 32 MM
Length              : 12 meter & above as per requirement


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