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DOABA TMT GOLD SARIA  is superior the traditional rebars available in the market .Tested raw material (billets &ingots) are used for manufacturing the quality products passing through the international Turbo TMT Technology(The GEN-NEX  technology) processes, resulting  the final product of desired & consistent properties.



Trade Mark            : DOABA TMT GOLD SARIA

Grades                  : DOABA TMT GOLD-Fe 415,Fe 500,Fe 550

Diameter               : 8,10,12,16,20.22,25, 28, 32 MM

Length                   : 12 metre & above as per requirement

  Tested billets/Ingots are hot rolled in fully automatic rolling mill equipped with electronic devices ( programmer logic control ) to control the manufacturing process with facilities of latest rolling technologies insuring the excellent quality and surface finish with uniformity in each. to know about EVECON TECHNOLOGY

USP of "Doaba TMT " :

      : Our Products are certified with ISI and ISO 9001 : 2000
      : Our Products are passed through Chemical & Mechanical Testing

   : Excellent Bending Property
   : Welding Property
   : First " ISI " licencee in Punjab, for TMT BARS
   : Marvelous infrastructure

   : Quality Raw Material ( Billets / Blooms / Ingots )

 Why "Doaba TMT" ?

          Superior product with consistent properties .

          Higher fatique strength combined with high ductility.

          Better corrosion resistance.

          Fire resistance up to 600c

          Saving in steel consumption up to 25%.

          Better bendability.

          Better weldability.

          Superior quality as tested material used.

          Extra rib area for better grip with cement.

          Better earth quake resistance.

          Lower consumption cost due to hire strength combined with Elongation.

          Easy workability at site.



DOABA TMT GOLD SARIA is equally suitable for residential ,commercial & large projects like residential houses. Multistoried apartments, shopping malls, colleges & educational institutions, flyovers, bridges & large dams etc.





At this stage the direct reduced iron (D.R.I.) is melted in a furnace and there after refined to produce Steel Ingots/ billets of desired chemical composition to ensure the quality and purity of Steel Ingots/ billets.

The Billets are then heated in a micro processor based PLC controlled hearth furnace and is rolled through a series of mill stands which progressively reduce the billets to the final size and shape of reinforcing bars.

As soon as the bar leaves the final mill stand, it is rapidly and vigorously cooled from 1250
C to the optimal temperature. It is done in a completely automated quenching box made with T & Q technology from GERMAN, where the product undergoes a uniform surface hardening treatment to form a hardcore martensitic layer, which provides the steel it strength along with adhesive layering.

The rebar leaves the quenching box with the temperature gradient through its cross section, the temperature of core being higher than that of the surface. This allows heat to flow from core to the surface, resulting in tempering of surface, giving a structure called Tempered Martensite, which is strong and tough. The core is still austenitic at this stage.

The last stage takes place while the product lies on the cooling bed where the bar is subjected to normal air-cooling reduced to ambient temperature. The austenitic core is then transformed to a ductile ferrite- pearlite core. Thus, the final structure consists of a combination of strong outer layer of tempered Martensite and a ductile core of ferrite-pearlite.

6. Final testing & Inspection
We do needful inspection and laboratory testing of the products.

7. Dispatch
After the inspection of products ,we dispatch according to customers requirements.

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